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Let me introduce myself. I'm Siobhan. I'm 18 and live in Ireland, Between stuffing my head full of facts for school i'm either reading, drinking tea or sitting on tumblr. So welcome to my blog!
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So after watching a movie set in New Zealand, i noticed that at one point one of the characters bought a greenstone necklace and it was mentioned that you shouldn’t buy it for yourself. Now being totally ignorant to what greenstone was i decided to do some research as i always find these type of things to be incredibly interesting. 

After doing said research and learning some more on the meaning behind it, i have the urge to own one myself. However i do recognize the importance of it being given as a gift etc.

But not only this; i feel almost sad that, whilst we Irish have alot of symbols and the like but apart from the claddagh i can’t think of anything we have that would reflect the symbolism given to greenstone in New Zealand (however i may be corrected as i didn’t grow up in a gaeltacht so its unlikely i know the full depth of traditions here )

But for the main point of the post would be; that if anyone from New Zealand or any other country would like to chat to me and tell me more of traditions etc from your country because it really is something that i honestly love. :3 

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